About us | Prolog

M PROLOG Kft. develops and supplies auxiliary materials for the meat, poultry and dairy industries in the Hungarian and international food markets. We have been in the business for nearly three decades, gaining valuable experiences in the development, manufacturing and sales of special premium category coated artificial casings, which are unique even in the international market. Due to our innovative technology the flavour and colour combinations of our coatings can be tailored to customer needs, resulting in creative concepts and unique products. We also aim to make our customers more successful by offering products that help them streamline their manufacturing processes and significantly cut their production costs. Our coated artificial casings also contribute to a safer manufacturing process, because our quality polyamide material and the applied special coating meet the microbiological standard criteria of safe production and result in stable and predictable product quality. Our products meet today’s modern manufacturing technology criteria and requirements, and also comply with food law regulations. For more information on the benefits of our products please use our free consultancy services.