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M. Flavor Ring Smoke
M. Flavor Ring Smoke
M. Flavor Ring Smoke
M. Flavor Ring Smoke

M. FLAVOR Ring Smoke

The M. FLAVOR Ring Smoke artificial casings include TOP-barrier polyamide ring-casings with smoke or caramel coating. They guarantee production without filling loss and also lend a rustic, appealing finish to these products. When using our M. FLAVOR Ring Smoke products the smoking phase can be eliminated, while the product still has a pleasant smoky flavour and colour, thanks to our special coating. The finished product does not require secondary packaging. Our M. FLAVOR Ring Smoke ring-casings are recommended for fillings such as cold cuts, pre-cooked meat products, liver-based products and patés.

Recommended coatings:

Classic: Caramell (Black, Brown, Dark Brown), Smoke (Regular, Light, Red, PK, Hunyor, Easy, Kaiser)

Size: 35 mm-55 mm diameter

Design: folded (20m/Stick) and rolled (200 m/Reel).

Shelf-life: 3-6 months

Packaging: multilayer aroma-barrier packaging