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M. Flavor FKN
M. Flavor FKN
M. Flavor FKN
M. Flavor FKN

M. FLAVOR FKN artificial casings


The primary material of our M. FLAVOR FKN artificial casings is a shrinking, polyamide-based TOP-barrier casing. The material of the artificial casing mimics the amorphous form of the natural intestine thanks to the “Natural Form Imitation” of the FKN technology. The M. FLAVOR FKN coated artificial casings are suitable for rustic-looking, long-life products. This product category is popular for filling liver-based products, patés and pre-cooked meat products.

Recommended coatings:

Classic: Caramell (Black, Brown, Dark Brown), Smoke (Regular, Light, Hunyor, Toscana, Easy, Kaiser), Pepper- spice, Paprikana, Paprikana HOT, Paprika Gipsy, Paprika, Chili Hot, Grill Paprika, Garlic, Garlic/Paprika, Garlic Roasted, Onion Roasted, Grill Roasted, Kipkruiden Exotique, Roast Chicken, Smoke Roasted

Authentic: Gyros, Grüne Spargel, Toscana, Carrot, Curry, Provance, Trüffle

Dessert: Apple, Stewed Prunes, Cherry, Choko & Cherry, Cranberry, Lemon, Naranja, Walnut, Chesnut

Size: 50 mm, 60 mm, 90 mm diameter

Design: folded (20m/Stick) and rolled (200m/Reel).

Shelf-life: 3-6 months

Packaging: multilayer aroma-barrier packaging